Golfer’s Insurance

AFPGen’s Golfer’s Insurance is the cheapest way to cover oneself comprehensively against all conceivable accidents while playing golf inside recognized golf courses in the Philippines. It covers not only the players but also the caddies and the general public who could possibly suffer accidental bodily injury and/or damage to property.This plan also provides cash to any player making a hole-in-one who is normally asked to treat friends for such a near to impossible shot. AFPGen Golfer’s Insurance is available with an easy-on-the-pocket premium.

Enjoy a worry-free playing in the fairway, driving range, and anywhere else inside the golf course

Schedule of Coverages

CoveragesMaximum Limit
Liability to the PublicP 500,000
Bodily Injury ( P20,000 per person)
Property Damage ( P100,000 per person)
Personal Accident to the Insured
Death or loss of both feet or both hands or one hand and one foot or total and irrecoverable loss of both eyesP 50,000
Loss of one hand or one foot or total and irrecoverable loss of one eyeP 25,000
Golf Clothing, Clubs and Equipment (subject to a deductible amount of the first P100)P 8,000
Hole-in-one Benefit (for holes not less than 165 yards)P 10,000
Caddie’s Medical ExpenseP 500

All this for only: P 610.00!

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