Licensed Firearms Liability Insurance

The licensed Firearms Liability Insurance (LFLI) is a comprehensive coverage combining into one convenient package various types of legal liability protection you need to guard against possible causes of litigation whilst on the legal use and handling of your licensed firearms.

The modern insurance protects and reimburses licensed holders of firearms of financial loss, up to the limit of the policy, should you become legally obliged to third parties because of injury or death and/or damage to their properties, as a result of your accidental acts, involving your licensed firearms, such as accidental shooting of bystanders and innocent civilians, stray bullets, damages to motor vehicles, building and glass casings. It also pays you for expenses for your legal defense in the event that litigations are filed against you because of such accidental acts, including medical payments and funeral expenses resulting from accidental injury to others for which you may be held legally responsible.

The insurance also extends to provide license holders with Personal Accident cover and Medical Reimbursement.

Coverages and Schedule of Limits of Indemnities

CoveragesMaximum Limit
Death IndemnityP 35,000
Burial and Funeral ExpenseP 15,000
Permanent Disablement (Maximum limit for Third Party Bodily Injury)P 25,000
For Third Party Property DamageP 20,000
Litigation expenses, including attorneys fees and supplemental expenses for legal defenseP 10,000
Personal accident insurance for holders of firearms license.
( P 50,000 to P 100,000 amount of coverage)
P 50,000 – P 100,000

Who May Be Covered

  • A holder of legal firearm license and/or permit to carry firearms outside of residence.
  • A member of any military organization or law enforcement agencies, security guards and/or bodyguard of VIP’s, dignitaries, and public officials.

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