General Products

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Golfer’s Insurance

AFPGen’s Golfer’s Insurance is the cheapest way to cover oneself comprehensively against all conceivable accidents while playing golf inside recognized golf courses in the Philippines. It covers not only the players but also the caddies and the general public who..

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Motor Car Insurance

AFPGEN knows how important your vehicle is to you. It takes you places and enables you to go the extra mile. Let AFPGEN go the extra mile and protect your car from consequences of unforeseen nature. Classified under Motor Vehicle Insurance product lines..

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Licensed Firearms Liability Insurance

The licensed Firearms Liability Insurance (LFLI) is a comprehensive coverage combining into one convenient package various types of legal liability protection you need to guard against possible causes of litigation whilst on the legal use and handling of your licensed firearms.

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Fire Insurance

They say fire is the worse than a thief. It can quickly consume everything you have, even your loved ones. Don’t let fire what you built. You have the choice to ensure that your assets are safe and secure. Protect your home. Protect your family.

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Bonds and Surety

AFPGen guarantees satisfactory fulfillment of bids, job orders, and other contracts, security or monies entrusted to employees, faithful observance of legal obligations, etc. thru its bonding and surety services.

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Aviation Insurance

It is a comprehensive type of insurance that provides protection for general aviation and commercial aircraft. The aircraft, its pilot and passengers are given the protection they need with the provision of third party liability as well as property damage in flight and ground risk cover.

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Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance offers contractors and project owners, protection against accidents, loss and damage of materials, work in progress, construction equipment and machinery. It also offers protection to business owners against loss and damage to specialized electronic equipment.